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Interpreting services

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Today the situations requiring the presence of one or more interpreters are extremely variegated. It is essential for us to understand the customer’s needs in order to provide the best response.

For every request we always assure the utmost professionalism and competence of our interpreters and full willingness to work out flexible solutions.

UniMoney provides the following types of interpreting services:

  • Liaison interpreting (business meetings): the interpreter acts as an intermediary between counterparts speaking different languages, and translates every single phrase of the conversation.
  • Simultaneous interpreting (conventions and conferences): the immediate translation, carried out by the interpreter from a booth designed for this purpose, is heard through headphones. Usually, arrangements envisage just one interpreter for a maximum of 1 hours and two interpreters for a 7-hour day.
  • Consecutive interpreting (conventions and conferences): the translation is not immediate; the interpreter summarises the lecturer's speech for the audience every 5-10 minutes.
  • Whispered interpreting ("chuchotage"): one-to-one immediate translation; the interpreter "whispers" the translation for one or two people at a time.